who is raistar? rai star photo, freefire iD, real name, income, bio

So guys this article is going to be about Raistar, in which I am going to give information about Who Is Raistar? Rai Star Real Photo, Raistar Freefire ID number, Raistar Real Name, Raistar Income, Raistar Bio, Raistar’s age, Raistar’s Instagram id, and a lot which you probably do not know yet.


Who is rai star? There are many gamers in India who have fulfilled all their dreams through YouTube. It has been told to the whole world that the future can be brightened even through gaming. Why shouldn’t he be a total gaming and desi gamer? But the matter of fact is that all these gamers either make only face cam videos or make voice-over videos to entertain you.

But on 4 Nov 2019, a gamer joined on youtube who told the makers of facecam and voiceover video that only rush gameplay can win the hearts of Indians who was none other than the Raistar. Those who upload only headshot videos in their entire video. But the way this Raistar shoots a headshot by jumping smoothly, no one has been able to hit that headshot in such a way so far.

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Raistar’s Free Fire ID

Raistar id number is given below.

What is Raistar’s free-fire Id number?

Raistar’s Free Fire ID number is 12022250

Raistar’s ID number: 12022250

Raistar’s Free Fire Username or Nickname: ꧁•ᏒคᎥនтαʀ ࿐


Raistar’s real name is Akshay Rai and his nickname is Raistar. Raistar is Indian by nationality and Hindu by religion.


Now I am going to show you the real photo of the Raistar. The image you are seeing below is becoming viral on social media among freefire players. And the person uploading this photo is claiming that this is the real photo of the Raistar, but I cannot tell you how much truth is there in this matter, but friends, you can assume that this image is the real image of the Raistar. Perhaps the Raistar himself is going to tell about this in the coming time.

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Raistar AGE

Now let’s talk about his birth, so he was born in 2001 in Kochi (India) of Kerela and according to 2021 he has become 21 years old. Raistar is a Youtuber and gamer by profession.


So Guys now let’s talk about Raistar’s youtube journey. Raistar is one of the most listened to YouTubers on youtube, who are loved by 90 freefire lovers out of 100. The biggest reason for that is the op headshot of the Raistar.

Raistar’s Youtube channel link: CLICK HERE

On 4 November 2019, Akshay rai created an unknown channel named Raistar on youtube which was quite new in comparison to other freefire YouTubers. Where he uploaded the best headshot video named “1vs1” on 11 December 2019 after a gap of 1 month. And on that video, the Raistar got more views than he expected. After getting more views on this 1st video, Raistar uploaded another solid video after a few days. And in this video, Raistar became famous overnight among freefire players with the op headshot with which he killed the enemy. Today Raistar has completed more than 5.9 million subscribers in just 33 videos, which takes many YouTubers many years to complete.


Now the image you are seeing given below is the image of Raistar’s Instagram id ( Raistarff )where he completed more than 2.4 million followers.

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To see the Instagram id of Raistar: CLICK HERE

Raistar INCOME

Now for your information among friends, let me tell you how much a Raistar earns. Raistar earns easily 2 to 3 lakh rupees in 1 month and his annual income becomes more than 25 to 35 lakhs rupees.


So guys this was some details about free fire player, gamer, Youtuber rai star which you must have been happy to know. If you want to know about any other Gaming news, then definitely tell by commenting below, we will inform you about it through the article as soon as possible.