Shivam Malik biography, Monthly Income, Age, Family, Networth, Wiki & More

Youtuber Shivam Malik biography, Monthly Income, Age, Height, Family, Networth, Wiki & More: In today’s post, we are going to talk about the story of a popular social media star, motivational speaker Shivam Malik. So stay with us till the end.

Youtuber Shivam Malik biography, Monthly Income, Age,Height, Family, Networth, Wiki & More

Shivam Malik was born on 23 Sept 1996 in Noida, New Delhi. Shivam Malik’s father is a businessman in Noida. And his maa is a housewife. Born in a prosperous family, this boy never thought that he would become a popular social media star one day. Shivam Malik was like an ordinary child since childhood.

NameShivam Malik
Date of Birth23 Sep 1996
Pace of birthNoida, New Delhi
FatherSohan Malik
MotherSusila Malik
Height5 Feet 10 Inches
EducationGraduation in Management
ProfessionContent creator in social media
YoutubeShivam Malik
Monthly Income10 to 15 lakh approx (2021)

Shivam Malik early life

He has completed his schooling at any government school in Noida. He loved being aware of society and helping someone. Shivam Malik was bound by comedy and joy since childhood. They did not have much responsibility from the beginning. He used to enjoy the life of his studies. He did his college studies at the Sarada University of Greater Noida. And in graduation, he has done management course. And now Shivam Malik felt that he should think a little bit about his future.

Shivam Malik Career

Shivam Malik started in search of doing some evil in his future. But they were not able to meet their field of interest. Then he got a platform named Tiktok.

Now we tell you a little bit about Tiktok. Tiktok was a short video app that was created by a Chinese app developer company and it was released in India in September 2016. In this people used to make short videos. Many people of India used to use this app. But due to some problems with China, this app was banned in India. Now let’s come back to the topic.

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Shivam Malik also used tiktok. He saw many types of videos on TikTok like some people used to make dance videos and some people used to make comedy. But Shivam Malik thought of doing something unique. Then he also started making short videos on TikTok. He started giving opinions on his videos and creating motivational content. And like this slowly his fan following on TikTok increased.

And seeing the success, Shivam Malik also started telling tips and tricks on his videos. And on TikTok, the videos of Shivam Malik got views in millions, after which he got a lot of popularity. Shivam Malik could have 5 million followers on Tiktok. His fans also liked Shivam very much.

 But then the TikTok app was banned from India on 25 January 2020 due to some problems between India and China. In such a situation, old creators like Shivam Malik got a shock. But Shivam Malik did not stop. Then Shivam Malik started his youtube channel and named that channel Shivam Malik. Along with this, he also created an account on Instagram and started giving the same content on youtube and Instagram as Shivam Malik used to publish content on TikTok.

Shivam Malik also used to make long videos on Youtube and people started getting responses on him too. By working hard in his hard struggles, he continued to focus on his work. And then the option of shorts also came on youtube and reel on Instagram. Then Shivam Malik continued to make his shorts videos at both places and also went on re-creating his fan following.

Shivam Malik Social accounts

Talking about Shivam Malik’s youtube channel, at the time when we are writing this post, we have been able to upload 1300 videos on his channel and can also have 3.15 million subscribers.

Talking about Instagram, now she has 3.7 million followers on her Instagram as well.

He constantly looks for better content for his fans. Shivam Malik says that he is always true to the strong. And they love helping others.

Shivam Malik Monthly Income

Talking about earning Shivam Malik, both Instagram and youtube platforms together earn around 10 lakh rupees a month. He is becoming very successful in life due to their hard struggle and strong spirit.


So, friends, this was the biography of Shivam Malik, a social media star of our country. I hope that you must have been inspired in some way by his story.

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