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who is saurav joshi?

Saurav Joshi is a name that has become famous among the people with his drawing. but since Saurav Joshi started his daily vlogging channel, almost everyone started knowing him. After the lockdown, where everyone was facing a lot of problems, on the other hand, Saurav Joshi took a challenge and that was to upload 365 vlogs in 365 days on his youtube channel. And this challenge proved to be so effective for them that their youtube channel became the fastest-growing channel in the whole of India during the lockdown.

Saurav Joshi has become a successful YouTuber today. But you may not know the difficulties they had to face to reach here. In today’s article, we are going to tell you about Saurav Joshi’s life, career, success story, youtube channels from the beginning. And by the end of this article, you will get to know some such things about Saurav Joshi which you might not have known before today.

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Saurav Joshi Bio, wiki

Name Sourav Joshi
Birth 8 September 1999  
Age 21 years 
ProfessionYouTuber, Artist, painter, and Social Media Influencer
Education 10th, 12th, BFA (Bachler of Fine Art)     
Birthplace Uttarakhand, India  
Nationality Indian 
Religion Hinduism
Original residence Uttarakhand, Dehradun  
Youtube channelsSourav Joshi Vlogs, Sourav Joshi Arts
Saurav Joshi Instagramsouravjoshivlogs

Early life of saurav joshi

This story starts on 8 Sep 1999 when Saurav Joshi was born in a small village of Dehradun Uttarakhand. His father’s name is Harinder Joshi and his mother’s name is Hema Joshi.

saurav joshi with dog and car

Initially, Saurav Joshi lived in Dehradun with his entire family. But after some time his family shifted to Haryana. The reason was to shift from Dehradun to Haryana – so that his father Harinder Joshi could get some employment. Even after coming to Haryana, his family was struggling a lot because even after coming here, his father was not able to get any work.

At that time his father used to do whatever work he got. Sometimes his father had to do labor work too.

saurav joshi career

After Sourav had completed the 12th class he never thought about what he would have to do in the future. But since childhood, he had a lot of love for one thing and that was drawing. After completing 12th class, he thought that why not do something big in drawing itself.

Saurav Joshi with bike

For this, he took a drop of 1 year after class 12 and started practicing to perfect his drawing. Slowly Saurav Joshi started drawing so much good that everyone praised his drawing. But now even after drawing for a long time, he realized that there is no benefit in drawing later because he had been drawing for many days but till then he had not earned a single penny from drawing.

After that, his father asked him to go to work together. But after walking for about 1 week, he stopped going to work. Because when Saurav Joshi used to go to work with his father, he did not get even a little time to draw. And Saurav Joshi tells that – The day in which I do not draw, I find that day empty. That is why now Saurav Joshi had decided that now I will never give up drawing whether I get money from drawing or not.

most popular video of saurav joshi vlogs

saurav joshi’s 1st youtube channel saurav joshi arts

At the same time, his younger brother Sahil Joshi gave him an idea to make a video of the drawings and give it on YouTube, if people like it, then they will support it. Sourav Joshi did not have any knowledge about YouTube at that time. But still, Sourav picked up his phone and made a video of him making his drawing and uploaded it to YouTube. Sourav Joshi started getting a lot of responses after uploading 150-200 videos like this on YouTube. Because people started liking his videos and drawings a lot.

Then Sourav understood YouTube a little more closely so that he could make more videos. Then he came to know that if he uploads good videos on YouTube, then he can earn. Then Daily Sourav Joshi used to make a video making a drawing at night and edit that video during the day and upload it to the YouTube channel. Now slowly his YouTube channel Sourav Joshi Arts started becoming very famous among the people.

Saurav Joshi

saurav joshi’s success story

Now people started liking his drawings so much that now people started getting commission works made from them. Sourav was overjoyed to see his success. But many people used to criticize their success without any reason. By that time Saurav Joshi had also taken a house of his own. Earlier, they had changed 5 to 7 different rental houses. And earlier their financial condition was so bad that they did not even have a fan in summer.

That’s why when Saurav Joshi started getting some money from youtube, then he started working even more on youtube so that he could support his family a little. But right now the real success was waiting for them.

creating saurav joshi vlogs youtube channel

It started on 19 February 2019 when he created a vlogging channel, on which he put the first video on 20 February 2019. Which was named “how I draw MS Dhoni portrait”. After this, he uploaded more videos on that channel but he did not do regular work on it.

But ever since there was a lockdown in India, Sourav started posting daily vlogs on that YouTube channel. Then he accepted a challenge in which he was going to upload 365 vlog videos on his channel in 365 days. And this challenge proved to be very effective for them. Because many people were used to seeing his daily vlogs.

And the person who played the main character of his vlogs was Pius, who used to make his vlogs very entertaining with his antics. Since then, Sourav Joshi has been uploading daily vlogs on his channel and now his channel has completed more than 10 million subscribers. The number of their subscribers is increasing rapidly even today. Apart from this, he also regularly uploads videos on his first YouTube channel Saurabh Joshi Arts.


Saurav Joshi faced a lot of difficulties in his life but never gave up and today Saurabh Joshi is fulfilling the dreams he had in life easily through YouTube. So these were some things from Saurav Joshi’s life. Don’t forget to comment how you like Sourav Joshi’s videos.