BTS Jungkook Diet plan and Excercise Routine for weight loss and stay in shape

BTS Jungkook Diet plan and Excercise routine for weight loss and staying in shape: Jungkook is the youngest member of the BTS Band. If you know BTS then you must have heard the name of Jungkook. He is also a handsome hunk. One of the 7 main members of the BTS group is Jungkook. Jungkook is a songwriter and also a dancer. Now, let’s know what is the workout routine and diet plan of BTS Jungkook. bts kpop diet plan, bts diet plan, jungkook diet routine, bts jungkook diet, bts kpop diet plan, bts jungkook weight loss. what does bts eat for breakfast?

All the fans of Jungkook must know that Jungkook loves to go to the gym. BTS Jungkook Diet plan. Whenever Jungkook dances, his abs have also been seen many times. His workout started a few years back. When Junkook was very young, then once he went to an interview and the interviewer there told Jungkook to do some exercises and he could not do those exercises since then Jungkook had decided that he would become fit. That could be one of the reasons behind Jungkook’s diet plan and going to the gym.

There are many such fans of Jungkook who want to make a body like him, but for that, all those fans have to know about the diet plan and exercise routine Jungkook. Today I have brought the diet plan and exercise routine of Jungkook for those fans. BTS Jungkook Diet plan.

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All the idols in the K-pop industry have to take care of their own body. Jungkook is also a big star of the same industry, so that is why he also has to take great care of his body. How much to eat, how much to exercise, what to exercise, he has to pay special attention to all those things. BTS Jungkook Diet plan.

Even after having such a busy schedule with Jungkook, there is time for his healthy diet and gym. so guys it is true that BTS is not a band but an inspiration for their fans for BTS armies. Along with his songs, many girls are also attracted due to physic. So guys, if you also want to look like BTS Jungkook or be fit like him, then you too have to follow the same diet and workout routine as him.

BTS Jungkook Diet Plan

BTS Jungkook Diet plan: Before the diet plan of BTS Jungkook, you also need to know about their physical stats. The height of Jungkook is 178 centimeters which are 5.10 inches. His weight is 70 kilograms. If we keep Jungkook in comparison to the rest of the BTS members, then Jungkook is much more muscular and his abs are also much harder than the rest.

Jungkook Physical Stats

Height5.10 feet
Height in cm178 CM
Weightunder 65 to 70 kgs
Chest40 inch
Waist30 inch
Biceps14 inch
Bts Junkook Instagram@bts.jungkook
Jungkook height, weight, age, Physical Stats

Guys Jungkook eats a balanced diet so that he can manage his health and skin. If Jungkook starts eating food of his choice, then Jungkook becomes a bit chubby, which was a little fat before. But Jungkook does not like to be fat at all, even for a day, he does not like to be fat. In fact, if anyone is a little fat in Korea, then he is considered lazy. You must have seen that people in Korea are very fond of fitness. Whatever food Jungkook eats is very healthy. BTS Jungkook Diet plan.

Breakfast Egg white omelet,
Whole grain toast,
LunchSalmon salad,
Veg soup,
DinnerChicken breast,
BTS Jungkook Diet Plan Table Chart

What does bts Jungkook eat for breakfast?

Answer:- Egg white omelet, Whole grain toast, and Juice.

What does BTS Jungkook eat for lunch?

Answer:- Salmon salad, Snack, and Veg soup.

What does BTS Jungkook eat for dinner?

Answer:- Chicken breast, Veggies, and Salad.

One of his favorite food is kimchi. This is a traditional food of South Korea and eating this food does not even cause fat. It reduces fat and calories and if anyone eats this food, they eat it for this reason so that they can lose weight.

So this was Jungkook’s diet plan, all this he eats in his diet. If you also want to be as fit as him, then you can follow this diet plan if it is possible.

BTS Jungkook favorite foods

  • Kimchi
  • Bulgogi (barbecued beef)
  • Mandoo guk (beef stew)
  • Galbi Tang (beef rib stew)
  • Panchan or banchan (assorted, small dishes of food with rice)
  • Spring rolls ( Not fried)
  • Rice

BTS Jungkook Excercise Routine for weight loss & stay in shape

Now I will tell what is the BTS Jungkook Excercise Routine. Ever since the debut of BTS, Jungkook had settled in the hearts of girls and one of the reasons for this is his fit body. So guys, if you must have seen Jungkook exercising in the gym in a video, then you should know that the exercises that Jungkook does are not easy. he also does dancing as an exercise.

  • 20 squats
  • 20 push-us
  • 20 jump-squats
  • 20 shoulder press exercises
  • Ten plank shoulder blades
  • 20 mountain climber
  • 15 burpees
  • 20 crunches
  • 20 leg raises
  • 20 superman
  • Dancing

You all know that dancing is a very enjoyable exercise to lose weight and maintain a fit body. He also dances for 1 to 2 hours every day and the rest of the BTS members also do it. He practices dance daily for his career more than health. [source]

These are the exercises Jungkook does daily to stay in shape and make a healthy body and skin. You tell in the comment section do you go to the gym or do these exercises?

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