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Colour prediction game tricks || Colour prediction game hacked | Colour prediction kaise jeete

Colour prediction game tricks || Colour prediction game hacked | Colour prediction kaise jeete


Stay tuned to this article to know the color prediction game tricks. Today we will tell you which color red and green you have to choose. If you play with the trick given below, then you will know which color you will have more chance of winning by placing a bet.

Today, many color prediction game companies are running in the market, and you can earn a good amount of money every day by playing in any good company.

Today we will tell you a trick by following which you can earn money in a color prediction game. But I advise you not to invest too much money. Use as many tricks as you can in a game like Color Prediction, there is no 100% security in this because it is a gambling game. You play such an amount that even if you lose the amount, you do not have any problem.

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If you crave too much in it, then you can lose your money within 2 minutes. Keep this thing in mind.

Colour prediction game tricks

First, let us understand when the green color comes and when the red. To understand this trick, it is very important for you to know which number comes with green and red.  If the number is odd then comes green color like 1,3,5,7,9. If the number is even then it comes with red color like 0,2,4,6,8.

Green (1,3,5,7,9)

Green violet (5)

Red (2,4,6,8,0)

Red violet (0)

You should have some knowledge about this game before using color prediction game tricks. Color prediction game came in a lot of discussions in the days of the covid-19 lockdown of 2020. A lot of new games emerged from where people left their jobs and sat at home. In the days of lockdown, online money earning, stock trading, and online education apps started becoming viral very fast.


 Color prediction games or number prediction games are betting games. You can also have invested money loss on playing this game. color prediction games are available on many websites and android or ios applications in recent days. As soon as the 2.4 color prediction game app started becoming popular among the public, in the same way, more new games and websites started coming out where this game was made available. But not all of them are genuine companies. Many of them are also fake / fraud companies.


Although I will not recommend you to play this game if you still want to play then play in a genuine company so that you do not face any kind of fraud or money withdrawal problem.




As you came to know that this color prediction game is a money gambling type game. In this game, you have a 50% chance of winning if you bet in color only.


Win chance

Red 50%

Green 50%

Violet 20%

Any number 10%


So as you can see that the chance of winning the most is only when placing a bet in the colors. That is why the color prediction trick that we have brought today will only help to predict the color.


By using this trick, your chance of winning will increase. By using this color prediction formula, when you play the game, then this formula can sometimes be wrong, but you can rest assured that you will be correct 7/10 times (7 out of 10 times) by using this trick. So as you know that no trick is 100% accurate, that's why if you play using the triple investment method, your chance of making a profit becomes 100%.



In the triple investment method in the color prediction game, when your prediction turns out to be wrong, then in the next round, you have to bet 3 times the investment amount of the last round. And in the same way, every time you lose, you have to apply 3x the amount imposed next time so that the loss done in your last round can be recovered.



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